Ja, ich suche eine Lösung

I am unable to upgrade my appliance, it fails on the self test although everything else is sucessful. I have run the factory reset and gone through the GUI Appliance configuration wizard to readd the appliance to the NetBackup Environment. I am able to run a sucessful backup to this server.
This is a new install. It is currently on 2.0.2 would like to upgrade to 2.5.
Below is an output from when the appliance was re-added to the backup environment.
Checking the pre-requisites .....
Validating master server name 'masterserver.fqdn'
Ping check ........ :[OK]
Name lookup check ........ :[OK]
Firewall/Port check ........ :[OK]
Restarting NetBackup services ... :[OK]
Master access check ....... :[OK]
Checking master type ....... :[OK]
Version compatibility check ..... :[OK]
*** Using masterserver.fqdn as master server
INFO: Adding the following servers to the NetBackup configuration
Stopping NetBackup processes
Performing Deduplication Engine cleanup
Configuring media server on the appliance ...
Restarting NetBackup daemons on the local host.
Creating media server storage partitions and storage units ...
Configuring storage pool:
Checking Deduplication Licenses...
Creating storage partitions and storage units ...
Starting NetBackup processes... (2 min approx)
Creating 'Deduplication' DiskPool 'dp_disk_mediaserver' and Storage Unit 'stu_disk_mediaserver'...
Creating default volume pools for tape.
Configuring NFS shares.
NFS shares are available
Configuring CIFS shares.
CIFS shares are available
CallHome is enabled
Media server setup completed successfully.
Running Sanity tests on Media Server Appliance.
Checking if installation is successful ... [FAIL]
Checking if SSH is enabled ... [OK]
Checking if hostname is set ... [OK]
Checking if IP address is set ... [OK]
Checking if appliance user accounts exists ... [OK]
Checking if required packages are installed ... [OK]
Checking if NetBackup is configured and running ... [OK]
Checking if storage units and diskpools have been created ... [OK]
Checking if SLPs have been created ... [NA]
Checking if required NetBackup policies have been created ... [NA]
Checking if OpsCenter is configured and running ... [OK]
Checking test backup and restore operations ... [OK]
Expiring test backup images and deleting test policy ... [OK]
Checking IPsec setup on the box ... [NOT CONFIGURED]
Completed running tests on the appliance.